Spill Response Training

"Buying quality spill response equipment is only part of effectively managing your spill risk. Staff should be trained to effectively identify and respond to a spill incident. Instruction and training for both the development of spill response plans and the correct application of equipment and consumable items is of considerable importance for safety of employees, site visitors & contractors, corporate image outcomes, economic costs and the environmental impact"

Training provides a number of benefits in the area of spill preparedness. Proper training of facility personnel can reduce the occurrence of operator-related spills and reduce the severity of impacts when a spill does occur.

Training encourages up-to-date planning for the control of, and response to, spills and also helps to review safety equipment and procedures.

Some training is also required by legislation, such as:

  • Occupational Health Safety & Welfare Act & Regulations ("ensuring that employees who could be exposed to hazardous substances used at work are provided with information and training on the nature of hazards and on the means of assessing and controlling exposure to such substances, and that employee representatives in the workplace have access to this information")
  • Australian Dangerous Goods Code (Transport and Storage Provisions)
  • Australian Standards
  • EPA Environment Protection Act (1993)

Spill Response Training

Prenco offers Spill Response Training Courses tailored to a variety of levels, the specific spill risks and spill response products on your site.


  • Spill Management and Contingency Planning
  • Steps in Responding to a Spill Incident
  • Development & Incorporation of the Company Spill Plan
  • Spill Team Training & Development
  • Basic Spill Kit use Training
  • Available Site Resources & Equipment for Response
  • Safety Equipment & Personal Protection
  • Practical Training in the Containment & Clean up of Spills
  • Spill Simulation Exercises
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