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Oils Fuels & General Fluids
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In this section you will find Spill Kits suitable for spills of:
Hydrocarbons - Oils & Fuels, Hydraulic Fluids, Solvents, Paints etc and most General Non-hazardous Fluids.

The Spill Kits featured in this section contain absorbents with the capacity to clean-up spills of the following fluids -


  • Fuels (diesel, petrol, jet fuel)
  • Hydraulic Fluids
  • Solvents (kerosene, etc)
  • Ethanol, Methanol, Butanol etc
  • Cooking Oils
  • Paints (water & oil based)


Coolants, Mild Acids & Caustics (below 50% conc.) - Pesticides & Herbicides, Sewage & Sullage, Foodstuffs and other General Fluids & Non-hazardous fluids.

As you peruse our range, we trust that you will find the right Spill Kit that will assist in Hydrocarbon & General Fluids spill control events and increase the efficiency and safety for personnel

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