Protecting Drains from entry of pollution is an important environmental objective. 

In this section you will find Solutions for preventing pollutants entering the stormwater system like Oils, fuels, grease, sand, slurries & sediment, leaves, cigarette butts, ear plugs, litter and storm debris.
Prenco has sourced an extensive range of quality, high performance products that offer a way to clean up stormwater pollution "at the source"

Our products provide options for rapid deployment as well as permanent filtering of pollutants

  • Drain Warden - under grate filter unit is an excellent defence for reducing and controlling at the source, the entrance of contaminants such as oils, grease, coarse sediments, litter, butts, leaves, and debris into our water systems.
  •  Drain Protection Mats- provide a rapid and easy to deploy solution, for placing over a                                  surface drain to prevent entry of fluids in a chemical spill event, "An essential item for any loading area, chemical storage facility or refuelling bay".
  • Portable Spill Containment Barriers- should be part of the standard equipment for activities where wastewater, slurry and spills have the potential to enter a stormwater drain or pollute the soil. Use in concrete cutting, street & paver cleaning operations, Construction & Building Industry & loading bays.


"It is worth the extra effort to look after the environment"


For more details, sizes and applications on these Drain Protection products and the solutions they offer explore the specific products in this section of the menu.

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