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In this section you will find Body Fluid Spill Kits suitable for:
potentially hazardous bio-hazard fluids eg. Blood - Vomit - Urine - Faeces.

These Spill Kits contain LSL Bio-Waste Absorbent, which offers many features & benefits.

  • Natural, non-toxic absorbent powder
  • Rapidly immobilizes potentially infectious spills
  • Unique absorbent properties solidify spills on contact
  • Safe, easy removal, minimizing the risk of personal contact
  • Helps avoid cross contamination

as well as Foodstuffs and General liquids Spill Kits

  • Liquid spills: milk, soft drinks, wine, detergents, juices, oil
  • Semi-liquid spills: sauces, jam, chutney, yoghurt
  • Viscous spills: honey, peanut butter, eggs
  • Industrial spills: paints, petrol, oils, grease
  • Chemicals: cleaning fluids, mild chemical concentrations

Prenco manufactures a range of quality, high performance products that offer "best practice" and safety advantages in spill clean-up activities.

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