PLEASE SEE OUR ABSORBENT SELECTION CHART for assistance in finding the right Absorbent for your application.

Prenco has sourced an extensive range of quality, high performance products that offer "best practice" and safety advantages in spill clean-up activities for ALL fluid classes.

  • Loose Absorbent Particles
  • Biodegradable & Bio-Active Absorbents
  • Absorbent Booms, Pads & Pillows
  • Chemical Neutralizer Absorbents
  • Chemical Binders                                
  • Bio Hazard Absorbents 
  • Marine Spill Absorbents & Booms


 As you peruse our range, we trust that you will find the right absorbent that will assist in spill control events. We promote Australian made, organic, biodegradable absorbents where possible and include "oil degrading microbes" in our hydrocarbon absorbent range, to assist with a total environmental "end" result of reducing the overall effect of the spill, even in final disposal.

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