Prenco Environmental

W e are a company which recognises the importance of our environment to the future wealth and well-being of both the business and community sectors. With this in mind, we have developed a unique range of products and services to protect against and safely handle environmentally hazardous spills of all kinds and help prevent pollution.

Our Commitment

Prenco is committed to providing our clients with:

  • the very best quality products
  • professional service & advice
  • effective & professional Spill Response Training

We will achieve this vision by focussing on the following goals:

  • Continuing to work with and developing a very specific product range, comprising only the very best spill control products available.
  • Committing ourselves to ongoing training of personnel at all levels, and to improving the effectiveness of our consultancy and training.
  • Continuing to increase the quality in all aspects of our business – working toward a recognised QA standard.
  • Investing in, and caring for our people, encouraging loyal service and integrity in all aspects of our business.
  • Expanding our business at a national level through more effective use of electronic technologies and distribution sources.

Our Vision

“To operate nationally, providing high quality spill control products and services to help the community better protect our valuable environment”

Educational Assistance

Prenco is committed to support of environmental education programmes and has been a part of joint community and business education programs run by the SA EPA. KESAB, Business SA, Catchment Water Management Boards and numerous local councils.

Awards & Recognition

2000 KESAB Metropolitan Environment Awards

  • WINNER - EPA Cleaner Production Award (small business category)
  • RECOGNITION – Technology Award For Innovations Toward Environmental Solutions
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