Trevor Prentice

Trevor has 36 years experience in the consultation and supply of products and expertise to industry and government agencies.

His ability to anticipate new technology growth areas, has enabled Prenco to be successful and instrumental in the development and introduction of these new innovations.

The development and conducting of the Spill Response Training Program is also Trevor's responsibility along with the general operations of the business.


Bill & Ken "The Service Men"

Just as important as "the Boss" are our service team of Ken and Bill. They are responsible for all aspects of product movements and take pride in making sure the Spill Kits are built to the highest quality and orders leave the premises on time and secure.

Our Spill Kit Service Program is also conducted by Ken and he is regularly "on-site" making sure the kits are cleaned and re-stocked in readyness for a spill event.

Sunette Cronje

Covers all aspects of Administration and Account Management - an important role  in ensuring the business runs efficiently and smoothly.



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