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OKO-TEC Double Tubed Boom System

OKO-TEC Double Tubed Boom System


The Double-Tubed Boom is made from extremely tear and chemical resistant polyethylene. The diameter of the larger tube is 40cm, the smaller 20cm.
The unit is 150 m long but weighs only 52kg and is easily transported and handled using its own roll-up-reel.
Both tubes are easily filled with water or air by means of the light, floating filling point.
The minimal amount of storage space required and a total weight of less than 100kg for the whole unit makes the system ideal for every Emergency Response Service. Use on Land and Water. Full specifications and Video Available on request.


  • 150m length on a lightweight reel

  • Easy to deploy on land or water - fill with air and/or water for ballast

  • Tear and chemical resistant polyethylene


Use on Land - Controlling the flow of contaminated water and other dangerous liquids is a serious problem which faces industry and every Emergency Response Service today. Protecting the environment and stormwater system, is one of the goals when a large spill event occurs on land. Erecting sandbag barriers or earth dams is often time consuming and can be ineffective, letting the contaminants pass through and allowing the sand/earth to become contaminated also. The solution? Use the weight of water itself to make an effective and workable dam, preventing the uncontrolled outflow of liquids. The boom itself can be used as large spillage container. The double chambered nature of the boom prevents it from rolling away and it is easily handled by a small staff, quickly installed and effective over any terrain. Use on Water - Simple to deploy by two people. Roll out into position, fill lower tube with water (ballast) and upper tube with air.

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