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P/N: 2573200M

Absorbent Marine Floating Booms - 3m x 200mm

Absorbent Marine Floating Booms - 3m x 200mm


Oil Select Polypropylene Absorbent Floating Booms are constructed with a strong mesh outer skin encasing and a highly sorbent polypropylene fibre fill.


  • A nylon rope and steel hardware ensure long-lasting durability and easy retrieval.

  • Repels water and won't sink even when saturated.

  • Absorbs petroleum-derived fluids only/Ideal for situations where you need to absorb floating oils but not water

  • Will not deteriorate or sink when fully saturated

  • Reusable and easily cleaned

  • Chemical-resistant/Absorbs a wide variety of petrochemicals and petroleum-based solvents without degrading or reacting



  • Deploy Booms "downsteam" of spill fluid and overlap to connect together.

  • Pull booms towards shore to concentrate spill ready for collection.

  • Use "Oil only" Absorbent Pads or "K-Sorb" for absorbing the oil/fuel from the surface of the water inside the booms.

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