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Absorbent Roll - Oil & Fuel Only 96cm x 43m

Absorbent Roll - Oil & Fuel Only 96cm x 43m



The strongest & most durable roll on the market !

Oil Select Absorbent Roll Heavy Duty absorbs, petroleum-based liquids on both land and water. Highly effective for any oil removable application. Will not deteriorate or sink when fully saturated. Chemical-resistant/Absorbs a wide variety of petrochemicals and petroleum-based solvents without degrading or reacting. Oil- Select Absorbents Rolls are made from Needle-punched Polypropylene which has many advantages over the standard meltblown & bonded polypropylene types (which easily tear and fall apart and have poor absorption rates).

Size: 96cm Wide x 43m Long
320-400gsm Heavyweight

Available in perforated version so that sections can be torn off as needed or non-perforated. Economical/Don't pay for universal absorbing when you don't need it.


PADS & ROLLS are used to place on spills to absorb fluids. Large surface area/Covers surface spills and catches drips on land or factory floors and can be slid under difficult to reach areas to absorb. Disperse by hand onto the surface of water to absorb floating oils & fuels - Hook out to retrieve when saturated.

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