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Absorbent Particles - SPILL STOP PREMIUM 30 litre Bag

Absorbent Particles - SPILL STOP PREMIUM 30 litre Bag


 S SPILL STOP PREMIUM  is a unique dual purpose, mineral granular absorbent for hydrocarbon and chemical spills and maintenance use. While the product looks and acts somewhat like clay products it is dust free, landfill friendly (passes TCLP test), and being a very fine product with large surface area it absorbs up to 8 times as much as clay products. In addition, this product does not turn to mud when it comes in contact with moisture – which means no one will be tracking product all over the area and spreading the problem.

Also available in 5 litre jug 



  • “Dry-cleans” your floor and pick-up any type of spill. You don’t need to de-grease floor that regularly, use SPILL STOP PREMIUM.
  • can be used on any fluid except hydrofluoric acid and very strong oxidising agents. MSDS sheet available
  • is a Fire Resistant Absorbent - SPILL STOP PREMIUM is a universal granular absorbent used in the clean-up of chemical spills. 
  • SPILL STOP PREMIUM absorbs instantly, compacts for disposal, and more importantly, does not support combustion and assists in preventing ignition.
  • is available in ACID & CAUSTIC NEUTRALISER formulations and also a BIOHAZARD version
  • Environmental Health and Safety Benefits

    • Environmentally safe - non reactive chemicals
    • No known carcinogens
    • Does not support combustion - Non Toxic - Light Weight
    • Absorbs instantly - Slip Resistant - Indoor and Outdoor Use

       100% Australian made & owned product


Economical all purpose absorbent for use on most fluids.
Sweep over the spill and SPILL STOP PREMIUM absorbs immediately.
Works well in wet conditions when picking up oils & fuels and will not turn to mud and leave messy film on the hard surface.
This also eliminates slippery mud being dispersed by foot and vehicular traffic.

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