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PLEASE SEE OUR SPILL KIT SELECTION CHART for assistance in finding the right Spill Kit for your application.

There are a number of factors and issues to consider when designing, resourcing and locating spill kits and response equipment. Selecting the right equipment for the appropriate risk response, the amount required for containment/clean-up and how it is to be stored and accessed, are just a few considerations to be addressed.
There are also a range of products available to suit the type and risk, of fluid spilt and components can be altered to suit the particular situation. Determine which liquids may be spilt and then which type of absorbent you require.
Whilst we have a standard range of kits, we can manufacture custom made units to client's requirements.
The basic five types of spill kits in our range are:-

  • Hydrocarbon (Oil & Fuel) only Spill Kit - Hydrocarbon Kits are designed to recover oils & fuels in and around water and wet conditions without absorbing the water.
  • General Purpose Spill Kit - These kits have absorbents that will deal with both water based non-hazardous liquids (coolants, water based paints etc) as well as hydrocarbons.
  • Chemical Spill Kit - is best for most chemical liquids such as acids, bases and general chemicals but can also still absorb hydrocarbons and general fluids.
  •  Acid/Alkali Neutralizer Spill Kit- containing specific purpose neutralizer absorbent powders.
  • Special Fluid Spill Kit - recommended for specific risk liquids such as body fluids, mercury, formaldehyde etc and contain absorbents to best handle these fluids.

Prenco has a wide range of Spill Kits to suit any application. They are built to a high quality and have a number of features which set them apart…...

  • Color Coding- of containers for specific response identification
  • Specific Fluid Risk- Absorbents and Response Equipment
  • Loose Powder Absorbents- for better encapsulation of vapors & fluid
  • Functional, Unique Bin Inserts- for easy access to required absorbents  
  • Clear Instruction & MSDS Holder- in bin lids and in bag kits
  • Security Tag Lock- to indicate use and prevent unauthorized entry
  • Optional Weatherproof Audit cover for bins
  • All Clean-up Utensils- included in premium kits
  • Clearly Marked Kit Identification- on bin front and lid
  • Service Audit Tag - to ensure kits are maintained on a regular basis 
  • Spill Control Station wall signs - customized for the type of kit
  • Wide Range- of sizes, bins, bags, boxes, tubes, modules & trailers

We may not build the cheapest spill kits in the marketplace and they are not "just a wheelie bin with all the contents put in and a sticker put on the front!" but with fair comparisons, offering all the extras as listed and the quality of performance of the contents, the Prenco kits represent very good value.

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