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P renco Environmental Spill Control (now trading as Silverback) was established as a family partnership business in 1961 and was subsequently incorporated to a Pty Ltd Company in February, 1975. It has operated as a distributor, manufacturers’ agent and importer of products and machinery and is based in Adelaide, South Australia. Prenco has sourced and introduced a number of new and innovative products and technology into the Australian marketplace during the company’s 51 year history.

An opportunity for Prenco to move into the expanding area of environment technology was presented in 1996. A new Absorbent from the USA, was being introduced into the Australian market as an “environmentally conscious” solution for oil spill clean up and Prenco began distributing the product in SA. Prenco has undergone major growth since that modest start offering a very comprehensive range of locally produced products equal to any imported alternatives.

These absorbents occupy a unique niche in the marketplace, combining an effective initial clean up, with an option for environmentally safe bio-active disposal, all in a competitively priced Australian made product. Prenco expanded to larger premises in April, 2000 to cope with increasing sales, client base and product range as well as the development of the Spill Response Training program. Prenco also has a network of distributors and partners in each State and therefore is able to offer those comprehensive services across Australia.


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