P/N: AND-01

General Purpose Spillpac Kit

General Purpose Spillpac Kit


The Andax Pac™ - General Purpose Combo Pac is the corner stone of the Andax Color-Coded Spill Preparedness Control Center. ™ This Pac has everything you need to contain up to a 40 Litre spill. Vacuum packed in a tamper evident industrial barrier material, the Andax Pac Combo Pac is extremely durable and tough. In addition, the Patented Andax Pac™ measures a mere 46cm x 46cm x 7.6cm thick. That means it will fit right behind the driver's seat of your work vehicle without any loss of valuable storage space.

Includes equipment / machinery labels for quick response
Helps prevent contamination of drains and waterways
Contain up to a 40 litre spill
Fully integrates with your spill response program
Tamper evident - secure storage of necessary materials
Absorbs non-aggressive chemicals, solvents and oil

Kit Comprises:

20 - 43cm x 48cm Oil-Selective Pads (covers up to 4.1 sq. mtrs)
3 - 7cm x 1.2m General Purpose Sorb-Sox™ (3.6mtrs)
1 pr. nitrile gloves
1 XL disposal bag (86cm x 1.46cm x 5 mil.) with nylon tie
Qty per Carton: 4 pacs


Absorbs non-aggressive chemicals, coolants, solvents and oil

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