Hazchem BOX Spill Containment Kit - Medium

Hazchem BOX Spill Containment Kit - Medium


Small box kit containing absorbents for cleaning up a small chemical spill. "Uni-Safe" Chemical Binder is suitable for all chemicals and Spill Stop can be used on most fluids except hydrofluroric acid.
Ideal for Laboratories, Small Chemical Stores, Transport Vehicles and Emergency Response Groups

Kit Comprises:

1 x Plastic Box with lid 53cm x 35cm x 30cm (clearly labelled HAZCHEM Spill Response)
1 x 2 litre Jug "UNI-SAFE" Chemical Binder 
1 x 5 litre Jug "SPILL STOP ECONO" All purpose Absorbent 
1 x Absorbent Hazchem Mini Boom 1.2m x 75mm 
10 x Absorbent Hazchem Pads 
1 x set Protective Gloves & Goggles 
1 x Security Lock Tag 
1 x Clean-up impliments set (broom, brush, scoop, 10-Wastebags & ties)
1 x Full Instructions and MSDS
1 x Service Tag


High performance small box Spill Kit. Ideal kit for Laboratories, small Chemical Stores, Transport Vehicles & Emergency Response Groups. Features "Uni-Safe" Chemical Binder. This unique "one absorbent for all chemicals" product has many benefits. Although it is a little more expensive than other absorbents, it offers a high level of safety for the responder personnel in rapidly turning the chemical into a solid whilst suppressing the hazardous vapours. Containment Boom and Pads in the kit also supplement the clean-up process.

UNI-SAFE is a powder that absorbs and gels all chemicals (except mercury), biotech liquids and even body fluids, without creating a reaction Other absorbents on the market are chemical-specific, so you need several different products. This creates the risk of using the wrong absorbent on the chemical spill or the absorbent MSDS indicates restrictions on some chemicals, creating a potentially dangerous reaction. Since UNI-SAFE is universal, you save money by only needing one absorbent in the spill kit.

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