P/N: 257377-1 /-2 /-3

Portable GeoFabric Containment Barriers

Portable GeoFabric Containment Barriers

PRODUCT CODES: 257377-1, 257377-2, 257377-3


PVC PORTABLE CONTAINMENT BARRIER contains Wastewater and Pollution from entering Drains. Surround Spills and Protect Equipment.

Available in 1m, 2m & 3m lengths

Helps prevent sediment, dirt, slurry and other pollutants from entering the stormwater system

Surround a spill or block drains (Note: booms may allow a small amount of sediment & water to pass underneath due to the surface conditions, cracks in the ground etc)

Two types –

Sediment Only Version – sand or scoria filled, to filter sediment and slurry. Allows water to pass through the boom

Total Barrier Version – filled with hydrophobic fibres, to form a water rejecting barrier. Boom absorbs oil only


Place as a barrier in front of drains to prevent entry of wastwater and fluids. Essential item for Concrete Cutters, Street & Paver Cleaning Companies, Construction Industry.

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