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Stay Afloat Emergency Sealant and Plug 450g

Stay Afloat Emergency Sealant and Plug 450g

STAY AFLOAT is a patent pendingEMERGENCYand nonemergency boat damage control product. Stay Afloat is designed to instantly help stop leaks in boats and marine fittings. Stay Afloat is the most simple and effective material for stopping water intrusion on a boat. Apply Stay Afloat directly from the container, in one part, there is no waiting or mixing required.

Plug or Seal

• Broken or leaking seacock valves • Broken or leaking thru-hulls • Broken or leaking transducers • Leaking deck fittings • Leaking hawse pipes & deck pipe covers • Leaking port lights, windows or broken windows • Leaking seams or transoms • Plug scuppers • Plug drain holes • Waterproof electrical connections • Waterproof key ignition switches • Waterproof leaking buckets, containers, etc • Leaking bait wells • Leaking coolers

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