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Rupture Seal - Emergency Leak Plug

Rupture Seal - Emergency Leak Plug

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Introducing this proven piece of leak sealing equipment into your Spill response kit helps protect the environment and saves cleanup costs, fines and protecting your bottom line!

RuptureSeal™ is a designed to safely seal ruptures fast! This Patent Pending Technology has been designed specifically to stop leaks in fuel tanks, chemical tanks and any tank that suffers and accidental rupture containing the leak within the intended vessel. The RuptureSeal™ will protect the environment and your bottom line. What’s particularly notable about this product is that it comes in multiple sizes to handle a variety of holes/punctures in a tank and works with a variety of chemicals, which frees up organisations and personnel rapidly from a scene with a leaking tank.  

The RuptureSeal™ is a handheld device that is inserted into the rupture and seals the leak in seconds!

The RuptureSeal™ consists of a steel pin inserted into the tip of a nylon locking tie. The tie goes through a semispherical ball of specially formulated silicone that sits in a nylon cap. The locking mechanism is incorporated into the cap. At the other end of the tie is a “T” handle.  

RuptureSeal™ is an incredibly easy product to use, with one hand you flip the pin from the perpendicular position so that it is parallel to the tie, insert it into the rupture, and with the other hand hold the plug into the rupture, with your free hand pull on the handle until the clicking stops. The silicone is compressed into the rupture and takes the shape of the rupture whether it is smooth or uneven.

RuptureSeal™ has been developed and sold in Canada since early 2012 and is now sold in the spill response industry in 33 countries around the world through global distribution. In February of 2013 it was introduced into the recreational marine market for sealing through hull ruptures in boats.

The starter kits are sold in sets of three, a 25mm (1”), a 50mm(2”) and a two by 150mm (6”) for fork lift ruptures and tank gashes.

A Chemical Compatibility Chart is available demonstrating the suitability of the product with various fluids and the seal time.   MSDS also provided.

EASY AS 1,2,3....


USE for:
Punctured drums
Leaking pipelines
Vehicle accidents
Damaged fuel tankers

Used by Emergency Services and Transport Industry -  all over the world


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