P/N: PDG450

Plug n' Dike Emergency Leak Sealant - 4.5Kg Powder

Plug n' Dike Emergency Leak Sealant - 4.5Kg Powder



PLUG n DIKE EMERGENCY LEAK SEALANT PUTTY - DRY GRANULAR 450GRAMS Plug n Dike is also available as a dry granular bentonite putty that needs to be mixed into a paste by adding water. Plug n Dike seals off fuels, solvents and many other chemicals.
Plug N Dike seals immediately and sticks to dirty, crumpled surfaces even with the fluid flowing out - No surface preparation is required. It is not a permanent seal as it will crack and dry out after a while. It will hold between 1-2 metres of head pressure.

USE for:
Punctured drums
Leaking pipelines
Vehicle accidents
Damaged fuel tankers

Used by Emergency Services and Transport Industry -  all over the world


  • immediately plugs leaks

  • no cure time

  • no surface preparation

  • holds 1-2m head pressure

  • works on wet, dirty surfaces

  • works on a range of chemicals

  • non-toxic and non-flammable

  • quick, easy and safe to use


After assessing the hazard, pour the dry granular particles into a tub, add water slowly and mix until a moist paste is obtained and then apply directly over the leak.

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