P/N: 25027

Spill Pallets - IBC (1000 ltr) Bulk Twin Spill Pallet - Poly

Spill Pallets - IBC (1000 ltr) Bulk Twin Spill Pallet - Poly



DUEL IBC BULK SPILL CONTAINMENT UNIT –  is a one piece 100% polyethylene, safety yellow forkliftable unit and fits over 99% of all IBC dispensing units, The large sump capacity exceeds the EPA 40 CFR 264.175* regulations and has a 72022 kg UDL load capacity. The unit includes a drain for the sump. Grates on the centre pedestal offer skid resistance and make loading easy
This unit allows storage of 2- IBC Containers side by side

• One piece 100% Polyethylene construction – will not rust or corrode
• Overall external dimensions: 2560L x 1350W x 510H mm
• Weight: 206kg
• Load bearing capacity: 2500 kg
• Sump capacity: 1140 litres
• Includes drain outlet
• Heavy duty grates
• Forkliftable (note: do not lift with load)


Use for storage of IBC Units or when decanting fluids

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