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Overpack Drums - 75 L

Overpack Drums - 75 L



Our Poly-Overpack units meets group 1 packaging standards and salvage drum regulations and are certified for use as DOT Salvage Drums, 49 CFR 173.3 (c).  (US). The Poly- Overpack  safely contains a wide range of hazardous materials - including acids, corrosives and damaged parts. Tight, secure and leak free container closing is simple: just place any long object, like a wooden two-by-four, in the handy lid slots and turn it to screw the lid down tightly. Meets the performance oriented packaging requirements of U.S.DOT and UN regulations.

OPD75 - 75 litre capacity Overpack with screw top lid

Top Outside Diameter: 552 mm
Bottom Outside Diameter: 451 mm
Outside Height: 425 mm
Weight: 7.5 kg
UN Marking: 1H2\Y1.2\80\**\USA\+AA5373
•High density polyethylene construction offers excellent chemical resistance, including acids, caustics and corrosives. 
•Convenient, "no tools required" closures are perfect for clean-up and spill response activities. 
•Nestable design and low tare weight allow convenient storage and reduced transportation costs. 
•Applications Include: Overpacking of Damaged or Leaking Packages • Collection and Transport of Soiled Sorbents 
•Clean-up of Contaminated Sites 
•Emergency Response 
•Direct Containment and Transport of Hazardous Solids 
•Use as Spill Kits

Transport, recovery, disposal of dangerous goods and contaminated waste

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