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Safety Showers

Safety Showers


A wide range of Shower types and sizes are available  and to comply with OHS and legislative requirements

Safety Showers
Safety Showers gently deliver in excess of 200 litres of water per minute which exceeds internationally recognised safety standards (AS4775 & ANSI Z358.1). The water flow is distributed and dispersed in a precise water pattern ensuring whole body coverage and the effective use of water. These safety benefits are achieved by a superior conical action shower head.

Eyewash Units
Safety Eyewash Units generate aerated water which gently follows the contours of the face, softly washing the contaminants away rather than driving them further into the eye with the potential to cause greater damage.

Eye-Face Wash Units
The "Aerostream" range of Eye/Face Wash Units feature a superior six nozzle design. It delivers a smooth soft curtain of aerated water to rapidly drench the whole face while, gently and effectively washing away the contaminant minimising damage to delicate eye and skin tissue. The range of eye/face wash units now includes the "softstream" non-aerated models, giving you a first aid eye/face wash unit to suit any workplace. All models comply with safety standard AS4775 & ANSI Z358.1-19.

Combination Units
Safety Combination Units comprise a safety shower with either an eye or eye/face wash unit which can be used either individually or simultaneously. The units have all the advantages of the superior conical action shower head and six nozzle eye/face wash delivery system in one compact integrated unit, available in both Aerostream and Softstream.

Laboratory Units
In laboratories, while many dangerous substances are present, the volumes handled at any one time are usually small. In the case of a spill or splash involving a small quantity of chemical, a hand held drench hose or compact eyewash can often provide fast, effective decontamination. It is recommended that laboratories install a centrally located combination shower and eye/face wash unit with hand held drench hoses at each work station. This is consistent with the ANSI standard which states, hand held drench hoses should support but not replace eyewash units.

Portable Units
Fire fighting and emergency services teams, drivers of vehicles carrying dangerous chemicals and people working in remote places in mining, agriculture and construction often face spill or burn injuries. Because people in these situations are without a plumbed water supply, a portable first aid water treatment unit is required.

Multi-Spray Units
Safety Multi-Spray Units provide fast, life saving first aid in the most serious risk situations. With up to 16 high volume shower nozzles each delivering around 20 litres per minute and the option of an integrated eye/face wash. A multi-spray unit is the best treatment in the case of contamination with burning materials, acid or caustic liquid, toxic or radioactive particles. Dangerous chemicals or flames likely to cause serious burns or tissue damage are safely washed away. These multi-spray units are available in both hand or platform operated models.

Let us help you with the right Safety Shower for your facility and operation.

Please contact us with your details of the chemical and operation risks and we can advise the type and Model number of the Shower/Wash unit at a good price! 

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