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Spill Barrier Bund - EVA - 4cmH x 14cmW x 97cmL

Spill Barrier Bund - EVA - 4cmH x 14cmW x 97cmL

Size: 4cmH x 14cmW x 97cmL

Also available in the following sizes: 

SBB-1 Size: 2.2cmH x 28cmW x 97cmL (min 25m purchase) 
SBB-2 Size: Size: 4cmH x 28cmW x 97cmL (min 25m purchase)
SBB-3 Size: 2.2cmH x 14cmW x 97cmL 


Spill Barrier Bund

Spill Barrier Bund has been designed to prevent spills from migrating and to form a bunded area. SBB will accommodate the use of a forklift and any road vehicle. The SBB has a bevelled edge on either side and a flat top surface which allows a forklift/vehicle to move unrestricted up and over the unit as the SBB compresses slightly. (see restriction on the Neoprene type) SBB is resistant to a wide range of chemicals and can be used for any bunding applications. It is also ideal as a speed bump around the yard and in the car park. The SBB is NOT suitable for uneven surfaces such as bitumen.

The Spill Barrier Bund is available in EVA Sponge options, is pre-glued for easy installation and supplied in 97cm lengths in four sizes:

NEW ! Now supplied with easy "lock-in" ends to ensure a good seal between sections
Eva Sponge

 -  2.5cm x 14cm x 97cm
 -  4cm x 14cm x 97cm 
 -  2.5cm x 28cm x 97cm
 -  4cm x 28cm x 97cm

Excellent resistance to aging, oil, solvent and many chemicals


  • Wide range of sizes and heights

  • Compresses slightly - reducing the drive over impact

  • Pre-glued

  • Easy to install - just stick down to a clean floor

  • Can be easily replaced if damaged


Create a Bunded area with Spill Barrier Bund: Workshops & Factories - Across Doorways and Entrances - Around Machinery - Transport Depots - Fuel transfer stations

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