P/N: 25123860

Plastic High "Drive-Over" Floor Bund

Plastic High "Drive-Over" Floor Bund

Size: 60mmH x 380mmW x 1.5mL   Weight: 16kg per length

High 60mm profile for extra volume protection and fluid retention.


Application: Plastic "Drive-Over" Bund is a trafficable floor bund that provides spill containment for drums, tanks, equipment, vehicles and machinery in factories, warehouses and workshops

NOTE: This bund is suitable for reasonable traffic loads however, the product is NOT suitable to be driven over by heavy trucks or forklifts. Product warranty will be void if evidence suggests heavy truck use has traversed this bund. Please refer to the RUBBER HEAVY DUTY HIGH BUND for heavy traffic use. 

Plastic Bund is manufactured from recycled plastic material and has temporary limited resistant to oils, fuels and a range of chemicals and can be used for straight line bunding or mitred to change direction. 


  • Create drive over barriers across doorways in warehouses and factories
  • Plastic construction has temporary limited resistant to most oils, fuels & chemicals.
  • Available in standard GREY or safety YELLOW colour 
  • High 60mm profile for extra volume protection and fluid retention.
  • 4 Bolts/spikes per length for fixing (supplied) and seal edges with suitable adhesive/sealant.(not supplied)
  • Use for straight line bunding, mitre corners to change direction   


Create a Bunded area with Plastic Bund: Workshops & Factories - Across Doorways and Entrances - Around Machinery - Fuel transfer stations

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