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High Wall Floor Bund

High Wall Floor Bund

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:   Spill Bund High Wall Barriers For Wall Barrier Spill Containment

High 100mm profile for extra volume protection and fluid retention.  
Spill Bund High Wall Barriers are recycled moulded plastic and wood particle suitable for most Spill Bund applications and offers a durable and cost effective bund along warehouse and storage area walls. Available in 1650mm lengths (as standard or longer as required) with pre drilled countersunk holes.
(They are not suitable however for fork-lift or vehicle traffic)

Spill Bund Wall Barriers are:

Size: 1650mm long x100mm high x 150mm wide OR Square profile 100mm high x 100mm wide x 1200mm long 
• Easy to Install – bolt and glue/seal to the floor surface
• Easy to Cut and Shape where required
• Durable and Resistant to Damage
• Chemical & Fire Resistant
• Grey Coloured Heavy Duty Finish 
• Can be mitred to form corners.
• Space in the centre to run cables if required


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